Hamza started with the firm at the age of 17, initially he came on a work placement from college and undertook admin duties for the firm.  After leaving college he was employed by the firm in an Admin role and after showing his determination and willingness to succeed he was offered a role as Criminal Caseworker.

Since being given this role Hamza has been responsible for looking after clients who are under investigation, where they have been bailed or released under investigation by the police pending a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service as to whether charges should be brought.  He plays an important role in liaising with the police on a weekly basis to get updates on clients matters and subsequently updates the clients.   Hamza has naturally grown into his role and is able to advise clients on criminal offences; the stage that there case is up to and the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence against them.

In between working as a Criminal Caseworker he is the ‘go to person’ by everyone in the firm and arranges the booking of legal visits, video links, conferences and manages the firms diary.

Hamza is presently being supported by the firm in Level 3 Paralegal and Police Station Accreditation Apprenticeship, which once completed will enable him to represent clients in the police station.

Hamza Saeed