Public Law

At AGI we can help you to challenge a decision by made by a public body, where there is no other right of appeal. We can do this by way of a judicial review. We can ask the courts to decide whether the decision or policy that has affected you is unlawful, unreasonable or irrational.

We do this in a wide-variety of situations with clients of all backgrounds, from women and men who have been held in immigration detention; to people who have been refused, or forced to pay for NHS treatment; decisions made by the Local Authority; decisions made by the Education department.

We have experience in all aspects of judicial review work, and we work tirelessly to prevent a breach of your human rights. If your human rights have already been violated or you have otherwise been treated unlawfully by a public body, we work to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation. In some cases it may not be necessary to commence legal action and were ever possible we will aim to resolve the issues through making robust written representations to the relevant public body or refer the matter to an Ombudsman for investigation.

Our Public Law Department has been set up by Yasmin Aslam who has a vast amount of experience over the years of High Court Work and challenging decisions made by the UK Govt and other public bodies such as the prison service. We can offer legal aid in public law which is subject to means testing.

We have a close working relationship with a number of barristers’ chambers who are leaders in the field of public law.

If you need advice or representation or just want an opinion on a matter please call us on 0161 226 2070.



We have a multidisciplinary practice which overlaps in expertise to provide the best representation to client.