Sadia Ahmed is a Mental Health Law Practitioner / Caseworker with outstanding day to day handling of cases primarily within mental health sections both Civil and Forensic. Although Sadia specialises in Mental Health Law, her legal practice experience includes a good knowledge of Immigration Law.
Sadia is genuinely passionate about her cases and fearless in advocating her client’s grievances before Panels, in CPA Meetings and in Hospital Managers Hearings. She regularly advises and represents her clients be they at their homes, in hospitals or in prison. Her noticeable ability to assimilate complex facts and think on her feet, when new facts are disclosed in the course of a hearing or a meeting, stand her out amongst other practitioners.
Sadia’s clients often comment on her ‘relentless quest for justice and fairness’ for them and her ‘very well-balanced judgement and guidance’ when she is handling their cases. She successfully appealed many adverse decisions and won her clients’ discharge from Section, Community Treatment Orders, or secured transfers (to or from prison) or less restrictive conditions for them (such as escorted or unescorted leave).
She is very approachable and has a unique combination of caring professionalism and quick wit which help her establish rapport with her clients, even when they are struggling with long-term or complex mental health challenges.
In terms of the Mental Health Act 1983, Sadia can advise on:

  • Section 2 – Detention Assessment and Treatment
  • Section 3 – detention for Treatment
  • Section 7 – Guardianship
  • Section 17A – Community Treatment Orders
  • Section 37 – Hospital Orders
  • Section 37/41 – hospital Orders with Restrictions
  • Section 38, 28 and 45A – Forensic Orders
  • Section 47/49 – Transfer from Prison
  • Section 117 – Pre-Discharge
  • CPA Meetings

Sadia had worked previously as a Practice Manager in a very reputable law firm where she was ntrusted with huge administrative support and other duties to ensure the smooth running of the Practice. She had also worked in Aviation Security under the Department of Transport before she commenced her legal practice career.
Sadia complemented her Bachelor of Law degree (LLB Honours) with a Law Diploma and a Business
Management Diploma.
Other interests

Out of work, Sadia trains in Taekwondo and runs a small artisan cake business.

Sadia Ahmed
Sadia AhmedMental Health Caseworker